It all started July 6th, 2015 with the birth of a (not so) tiny, curly headed little boy with highlights. Yes, highlights. The doctor couldn’t get over it and the nurses were giggling, but the boy had dark brown curly hair, with deep gold flecks of highlights at the ends. It was a small shimmering peek into what life was about to be like with our never ordinary, hilarious, loving life little boy, Tiny.

IMG_0376 copy

I’m not really sure when it started, who said it first, or why, but since the day he was born that was always our nickname for him. He wasn’t particularly small. He always hit the top percentiles for height (thanks to his 6’4’’ father) and stayed in the middle of the weight charts, but there is just something innately small about watching your little kid grow up in such a big world. From the first time you watch them roll over to the moment they stand on their tip toes and just reach that door handle, there are so many small moments. There are tiny toes and tiny fingers, tiny clothes, and tiny shoelaces, so many tiny things to love and cherish about those baby days. And one day you look up, and realize you no longer have a baby, but a tiny (grown up) little boy. It warms your heart and breaks it at the same time. He’s so small, but he’s grown up so fast.

Our lives changed forever the moment he was born – they always tell you it will, but you can’t fully comprehend it until you’re there, living it. No matter what kind of day we are having, good, bad, or indifferent (is there really such a thing with a toddler?), nothing  prepared us for what this laughing, snuggling, independent Tiny has brought to our lives; joy, tears, happiness, frustration, and tons of awe and wonder.

That’s what this blog is about – those moments you think you’re on top of the world and rocking this mom thing, the moments you think “my kid is the greatest!”, the moments you experience loss and pain, the moments you feel alone or don’t know how to handle one more tantrum, and all the moments in between. Through this blog I hope to bring all that we’ve learned and loved to you. From our hearts to yours, with love, tiny.